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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Your Car:

Q: What type of vehicles do you ship?

We ship all types of cars - all makes and models: Cars, trucks, convertibles, exotics, classics, you name it! For specialty vehicles, we use enclosed transport trailers to protect your exotic/classic/sports car. 

Q: How do I arrange to have my vehicle shipped?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Place Your Order with Mike's Discount Auto Transport
  2. Send us your deposit. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
  3. We place your vehicle with the truck which will transport it.

Q: How do I know my automobile will be in safe hands?

The United States Government requires all commercial auto transport companies to acquire a valid FMCSA license and maintain proof of insurance. To validate an auto transport company, you can contact the Federal Highway Administration see that they have all the proper paperwork and are fully licensed and insured.

If the transport company in question does not have the appropriate paperwork you will NOT be protected in something should happen to your vehicle during transit. Call 202-358-7000 to speak to a government representative. Mike’s Discount Auto Transport is fully licensed and insured. Our Motor Carrier (MC)# is 807906.

Q: How long does it take to transport my car?

As soon as we process your order we will we will schedule a pickup and delivery date as soon as possible. To receive cheaper or discounted rates, we recommend being flexible with you schedule and willing to meet the truck when it arrives or drops off. The transport driver will contact you with approximate drop-off and pickup times. Full payment will be required at the drop-off destination.

Q: Can my vehicle be delivered directly to my home or office?

Yes, however: if your home or office is in a difficult to reach area (narrow streets, low power lines, etc), the driver will request meeting somewhere more accessible, such as a nearby parking lot. Please keep in mind, transport trucks are large and certain neighborhoods can be difficult to circumnavigate, your assistance, support and understanding are greatly appreciated. To avoid help avoid complications, It is often beneficial to select a nearby parking lot in advance to assist with the delivery of your vehicle.

Q: Will my delivery arrive on time?

We try to estimate transit times as closely as possible.

Weather and road conditions can cause delays. Unfortunately, no delivery company can calculate the exact time of arrival or departure until they are close to the area. We will follow up with you to ensure you are happy with our service. It is our hope that you will use Mike's DAT again and again.

Q: Will my personal belongings be insured during the move?

As dictated by Federal Law, Mike’s Discount Auto Service will not be responsible for any personal belongings stored in your vehicle during transport.

If another third party transport company is suggesting to you that you can ship personal items inside the vehicle, we recommend against it. This is a common sales strategy to get you to place an order with them – your items will not be insured and you are shipping them at your own risk.

Q: During transport, what type of insurance will my car have?

The Federal Highway Administration requires the transporter to carry the insurance on your car. The insurance is only provided by the company physically transporting your vehicle. Upon request, we will provide you with the transporter’s insurance information to help assure you your vehicle is in safe hands.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Initial orders may be phoned or mailed in. (Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting online orders.) Upon delivery, you must pay the driver C.O.D. the remaining invoice. The driver will not be able to release your vehicle without payment in full.

Q: What if my car doesn't run?

Even if your vehicle does not run, we can still move it. However, there will additional fees involved. If your vehicle is not in working order, transport becomes more complicated. Please supply this information on our initial estimate so we can get you the best price.

Q: Is the deposit included in the quote?

Yes - At Mike's DAT, we pride ourselves on No Hidden Fees! All expenses, including insurance and taxes, are included in your original price quote so you will not be billed for anything else.